Sunday, July 15, 2007

zine sampler

zine sampler
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this is a little sample pack of zines. the MHW issue (green) talks about how to make your own zine. DNB and Cook This! are 24 Hour Zines, and EA:Self Portraits (red) is a 1/8 size zine that shows staple binding. it's an alternative zine size that isn't really used much. the other zines are hand bound with a japanese stab binding.

this little set seems like a pretty good starter for anyone who is looking to make their own zine, with instructions in MHW#2, and a showcase of three sizes, and two different bindings.

available in my shop on etsy.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Spiral Bound no 1

spiral 1,2
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Spiral Bound is a compilation of work from various artists, both visual and verbal, about why they journal, and why recording oneself is necessary to their respective identity.

Some of the entries are written in the form of explorations of the topic of journalling, and some are excerpts from personal journals. Some are both. There are both word and image, sometimes combined, from a variety of styles.

This is a 55 page zine printed on cardstock and comb bound. This binding is very similar to a coil, except it is interlocking teeth like a comb bind with a spine along the back of the round comb. It is a round, thin plastic binding.

Why do you write? Looking for some ideas? Check out Spiral Bound issue #1.

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eve art : interactions

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Eve Art Interactions is a 1/4 size zine dealingn with autumn artworks, figures interactions, and various poems by several different writers. The zine is a compilation of thoughts and artworks by various people, all work is short poetry or miniature illustration.

Media used to create the originals was varied--some chose hand carved stamps, some drew, some painted. This was photocopied and bound for your reading and looking pleasure.

Available at my etsy shop.

eve art : tarot

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This issue of Eve Art is dedicated to the art and meaning of the tarot, specifically the major arcana. Several different artists from all over the world produced their unique vision of the major arcana, and sent it in for this compilation zine.

Eve Art Tarot features all of the cards of the Major Arcana as well as brief descriptions of the card meanings, complete with the names and contact information of the various artists.

This zine is photocopied and hand or machine sewn (some are on creme paper, and some are on white) and measures 1/4 size (5.5 x 4.25 inches). 24pp. The binding is sewn, and varies from copy to copy.

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eve art : self portraits

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Eve Art Self Portraits is a 1/8 size zine incorporating self portraits of word and image from artists from around the world. It is in studying the perceptions of others that we come to understand ourselves.

36 pages, cardstock cover.

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eve art : volume 1 issue 1

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the mini zine. this was more an advertisement/call for entries than a zine. but it was still super fun!

i don't make these anymore, but i show you so you can see just how far they've come since then. this was a very small 1/8 size. it was only 12 pages or so.